Sunday, January 15, 2012

We're Back...!!! Oh, yeah!!

The first week back after a great three weeks of Christmas Break was exciting, inspiring, amazing, interesting, and even a little tiring!! Oh, my! The first time I said, "Class! Class!", I heard the beautiful music of my students enthusiastically responding, "Yes! Yes!" It was like we had never left! Whole Brain Teaching keeps that Golden Thread of fun weaving through sun, rain, snow, and even extended vacations!! I always find students and teachers alike are always glad to be back to "routines". "Coming HOME to school is a Good place to be! Not only is it a secure environment for many, it's also a stimulating one as consistent student engagement allows those brain cells to activate, stretch, and produce amazing ideas and strategies for learning. My class even had the opportunity to demonstrate in-class their WBT techniques for our District BTSA Coordinator and another guest teacher on our first week back! They were awesome! Oh, yeah!

"Ten Finger Wooo!" to Coach B! He was very busy over Break preparing the new Electronic Speed Read 100 and 1000!! His January 3, 2012 Webinar is in the Video Library #511. A great presentation on Speed Read 100. This Tuesday, January 17, 2012, he will be presenting another Live Webinar at 5:00 PST at on Speed Read 1000. Another great opportunity to learn from the Best!

We're Back!!!!!!!!! 2012 is going to be a Leap Year of celebrating! Oh, yeah! Oh, yeah!"


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing about how even after a break the kids are on board with WBT. This last week, I had a presentation from another teacher in my room on South Korea. The kids were so excited that they totally forgot about how to listen. I said, "Class, class," they said, "Yes, Yes" and good behavior was back. Awesome!


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