Monday, January 23, 2012

POWER PIX!!!!!!!

P is for Improved Performance on State Standards!
O is for Optimum Student Engagement!
W is for Whole Brain Learning!
E is for Energized Students!
R is for Robust Gestures!

P is for Positive Picture Clues!
I is for Increased Test Scores!
X is for eXtreme Academic Achievement!

An amazing Wall has been building in my classroom in the format of a Grid based on Language Arts and Math State Standards. Starting with the first week of school, my students have been learning and practicing all the required State Standards for Second Grade. We are posting the last ones this week! Wahoo!! They are so proud and rightfully so! Power to the Students! Their little "back pockets" are filling up with academic tools, a.k.a. Brain Toys!


Stacie said...

I just want you to know...I follow your blog now and have linked to you on mine! I've been talking to other teachers at my school about WBT, and can you believe no one around here has heard of it??? (I am in Houston.) I am very eager to learn more about WBT. It just makes total sense. Brain research fascinates me. It's like, even though we might know what the brain needs, teaching often doesn't take that knowledge into account. You go, Ms. Stoltenberg! :)

Stacie Ball
Having a Ball in 3rd Grade!

Nancy Stoltenberg WBT Intern 2011-2012 said...

Thanks, Stacie! Welcome to WBT! Be sure to follow the Forum at and tune in on Tuesdays 7pm CST for live webinars. Topics and details on the web site.

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