Monday, January 30, 2012

Electronic SuperSpeed 100!!

My Classroom has entered a new Dimension of WBT learning...Electronic SuperSpeed 100! Earlier this school year, I described the Universal Homework Model and the daily practice of Superspeed Reading. Students work daily at school and at home learning to read the 100 most common sight words as quickly as they can in one minute, breaking individual records as they go! Now, thanks to Coach Chris Biffle, my class has been able to step up that practice with the creation of Electronic SuperSpeed 100! Oh, yeah! Using a power point collection of 100 slides projected on my classroom board, my WHOLE CLASS is now able to participate together in beating Class Records in SuperSpeed 100! Just when I thought student engagement was on high, I find this program bumps it up another notch!! Oxygen, please!!We are practicing this twice a day, and the excitement and anticipation is awesome. No one loses in this arena! For a full description of this program, go to and watch Program #511 SuperSpeed 100 in the Video Library. Then go to Free Ebooks and download Electronic Superspeed 100. Now get ready to engage and learn! The fun is even Sweeter now! SuperSpeed and beyond!!!!


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