Monday, August 29, 2011

"What is a ...?"

Just finished Week 3! That always seems to be a good marker for settling into routines. New students are beginning to feel more at home with their new school, and parameters have been set to create a sense of security for all students...5 Basic Rules and a Scoreboard! Whole Brain Teaching allows for the variety of 32 personalities coming together to create and thrive in a unique culture called "SECOND GRADE!"Love my job!

Power Pix are going up! The visual clues of the signs and the daily practice of gestures enables everyone to participate and learn! The ready-made 5 Step Lesson Plans for each of the Pix make it so easy to plan and prepare for mandated curriculum.

The Writing Game is awesome! We are working really hard on Blah and Spicy to encourage good foundations in writing. Using our Air White Boards is a great tool for oral writing. I like how these encourage those writers who can get "hung up" on holding that pencil just right, to just let their hair hang down and let the writing juices flow! "Adders, here we come!" And have I said, "I love my job!"


Kristy said...

Love the idea of hanging hair and letting the writing juices flow. Very cool!

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