Wednesday, August 17, 2011

We are off and running.....!

It's Week Two in second grade! Procedures! Procedures! Procedures! The five classroom rules, class-yes, scoreboard, and hands and eyes have become the mainstay of our classroom unity. I love how quickly these have become a natural part of their response to instruction. Mirror, teach-ok, and switch are keys to student engagement! Have been following Farrah Shipley's advice for speeding up response times with bodies up, lines, seats, papers 3peat!. It's amazing how even my slowest little snail can "Move It" under team expectations, and of course, "Oh, yeah!" If you haven't tried it yet, get a small portable scoreboard to carry with you! Power! Just got the latest version of WBT Model Classroom! Checking out the section on Super Improvers Wall! Tomorrow is Back to School Night!


Kristy said...

Did you prepare any type of WBT presentation or explanation for your parents or did you just let the kids explain it?

Nancy said...

We present Back to School Night as a grade level. For one of my parts, I yelled out "Class, class!". Students in the audience erupted with, "Yes, yes!". It was awesome to see the parents react! I then had those students come forward and recite the 5 rules. I gave an explanation of WBT and it's impact on student engagement and critical thinking. But it was the body of students that got the point across! Highly recommend this approach!

daisydee226 said...

I use a portable scoreboard every time we go to the computer lab. I didn't at the beginning of the year and computer lab time turned into a time to whine about not being able to play the games they wanted. HA HA! Not when the portable scoreboard is along. Class Class... Some students are asking to go to websites that I have already said no to. That means a frownie... give me a mighty groan. Class Class Great job kiddos... we have been working hard for 30 minutes at our in2books letters and those that are finishing up are choosing to go to IXL or type2learn! There is a SMILIE... give me a might OH YEAH!

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