Thursday, June 6, 2013

WBT Summer Book Club…Sizzling!!


You’re Invited!

Summer, Funtricity, and the WBT Book Club


We have created the first Whole Brain Teachers Book Club! Our highlighted book for discussion is the newest WBT book from Coach B with all the latest and greatest strategies and techniques:

Whole Brain Teaching for Challenging Kids





How: Go to this link and become a member! It’s Free! Grab the book on Amazon or Kindle! Start reading and join the posted discussions! Be prepared for some thought-provoking, energizing, moving, and always lively conversations with fellow WBT teachers from around the world!

You can also earn up to 700 Whole Brain Teaching Certification Points with your posts! We'll be exploring, chapter by chapter, our manual, "Whole Brain Teaching for Challenging Kids." Follow these directions ... Step 1: Go to
Step 2: Scroll down to "Members" on the left hand side. Click on "Join This Site" and become a member. You will need a Google, Twitter, Yahoo, Open ID, AIM, or Netlog account to do this. Becoming a member is a necessity to use the book club, as you have to be a member to post.
Step 3: Enter your email address into the box on the right hand side of the page (below Members). This will allow you to receive messages regarding new discussion topics and important info.

Hope you can join us!!


Brandi said...

Hi Nancy! I ordered my book for my Kindle and will begin reading it tonight! For the certifcation, I'd like to post my responses on my blog, which I read is an option. If I do that, do I just email you after the 10th post? I'm a little confused on that. I am really looking forward to diving into WBT and want to earn my certification! What little I used of WBT this past year I loved. Thanks!

Success in Second Grade

Nancy Stoltenberg Director of WBT Certification said...

Hi Brandi! I just responded to your blog post! Yes, posting answers to the book questions will earn you CP. You may send me your file with 10 blog posts, or watch for directions on the book club site. There will be further directions on sending in files in August. So great to have you in the WBT family!!

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