Tuesday, May 8, 2012

We Did It!!!

Testing is done!!!!!  Seems like we all just ran a marathon...but with the best time ever!!  I am so proud of each student's efforts to do his/her best!!  Yes, tears of joy!!  I can not stress enough the importance of starting testing strategies at the beginning of the year!  Get the Power Pix up and practice them daily!!  Super Improvers Wall is mandatory!!  I don't know my scores yet, but I know my class is All Winners!!


Sathya said...

Results! That is what is missing.. I am WBT enthusiastic... I tried it in the last Unit in my 5th grade classroom.. Both me and the kids loved it.. I am going to implement it in my new 3rd grade as well in the coming year.. But it would be appreciated if WBT teachers post their test scores - before and after WBT. I would be more more than happy!

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