Thursday, October 20, 2011

Parents and WBT!

Conferences are finished! Intervention plans formulated! It was great to be able to offer and demonstrate WBT methods for parents that they could use to extend critical thinking skills at home with their children. Parents have great desire to help their child, but are too often unsure about the most efficient and effective way to do that within time and energy constraints. The parent's "after school" experience may not begin until evening due to work, commute, and general family needs, like getting dinner on the table. By then, both parent and child are not usually in their prime for reviewing homework, that was usually completed in an After-school or Daycare setting. I am showing parents how the use of gestures when reading encourages better comprehension and vocabulary development, and it's fun!! One on one interaction through Speed Read and Speed Math activities has been another outlet for parents to help their child grow in reading and math fact fluency. Quick, efficient, and effective! Parent and child alike take pleasure in seeing the improvements through daily repetitions. I receive good feedback from parents about their child's enthusiasm for going to school everyday because "Learning is fun!" Oh, yeah!!!!!


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