Monday, September 24, 2012

Fall Leaves and WBT!

How can it be?  We’ve been in school for six and a half weeks!  Fall officially started!  District Benchmark assessments have been delivered for administering!  I’m scheduling Parent Conferences to begin next week!  In the midst of all this is WBT!  Oh, yeah!
My class is a shining group of WBT Stars!  Rules are now being led every day by distinguished Class Leaders.  The Scoreboard is in full operation, complemented by the Super Improvers Team!  We no longer have just white cards reflecting Level One.  There are now pops of red cards showing here and there for Level Two!  There was major celebrating the day that first student earned the 10th star.  Completed Level Cards are always sent home for the Family Celebration, followed by the “refrigerator posting”.
Procedures with 3peats can be heard throughout the day…Line, line, line!, Papers, papers, papers!, Page 136, page 136, page 136!  Breaking our time record is a daily goal!  The Scoreboard is a great source of inspiration here, as students know they have to get more smilies than frownies by the end of the day in order to earn that extra minute of Mind Soccer!
Having a strong WBT classroom management plan in place can only lead to one place!  That’s right, it’s Teacher Heaven in Room 4!  Enjoy the brilliant colors of Fall!