Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Counting Blessings!

What a special time of year to reflect on all our special blessings. As educators, this time of year is often the time we count down the hours 'til Thanksgiving Break! I know I can find myself wearing thin with all the behaviors that seem very exaggerated by the approaching holidays. Now, more than ever is the time to reach into those "back pockets" and pull out all those special tools that WBT offers! The Super Improvers Wall has been a lifesaver right now! I have 5 students who just reached the Iguanadon Level, which means, PICTURES!! I now have students suddenly trying to earn extra stars, so they can get to that Picture level! Universal Homework Model is on FIRE right now! Students are ASKING to write Poetry!! Yes, those are tears of joy! It's so big that the 2nd Grade classes are competing to earn those Team Stars so we can have a major Grade Level Mind Soccer game! Bring it on, Mrs. Blaze and Mrs. Kackley! Power Pix are swallowing up the wall! Daily Practice is a requirement every morning! And don't I know it if something comes up to change that morning routine! Genius Ladder is the common language for writing! Today, I had a student running into class waving her Homework, "I wrote three Because Clappers in my story last night!" Yep! Tears of joy again! So, in conclusion, I am counting my blessings this season, all 31 smiling faces!! Oh, yeah!!!!!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Five Steppin'!

The simplest, but the most complete DANCE a teacher ever needs to know in order to engage, motivate, inspire, evaluate, and ensure critical thinking in all styles of learners!!

The Five Step WBT Lesson Template

Step One: Question: What is a...?
Step Two: Answer, with a gesture.
Step Three: Expand and give examples.
Step Four: Evaluate: Yes/No QT Test
Step Five: Critical Thinking: Writing Compare/Contrast

This plan works for teaching the most complex concept, to how to line up for lunch in a straight line! "Teachable moments" become more meaningful by following this Five Step Lesson template. Teaching the Power Pix is based on this plan. Not only does the format provide repetition and practice, the Evaluation Step provides immediate feedback on student achievement and need for reteaching. Critical Thinking Skills instruction allows for transfer of knowledge across subject areas. By using a variety of Brain Toys, the Golden Thread of Fun is woven through out to heighten student engagement. Go to to download the free E-book, Lesson Design and Delivery.

Making this the standard format for lesson delivery allows my students to anticipate the instruction, and also the FUN!! Let's DANCE!!